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DLG promotes progress in the worldwide agri-food industry by supporting the transfer of quality standards and technology and helps to manage global resources sustainably through its networks. The Competence Centers for Food and Agriculture are the cornerstones of DLG. Through the work of their independent, neutral technical committees, they are an important source of inspiration for the entire supply chain.

To boost the transfer of knowledge from theory to practice, DLG works with an established network of experts and researchers. Through studies, specialist publications and events the network ensures that its work is both scientifically current and highly relevant to practice.

Find out about the latest research topics and innovations in food sciences, food technology and life sciences here. Join now and find out about pioneering ideas and problem-solving strategies through the DLG research network.

Simple online networking – 365 days a year

Connecting with other business professionals is just as easy as clicking here and entering the LinkedIn group „food & food technology“. With more than 600 members, the community grows steadily. We‘ll be happy to welcome you online!

Added value through networking: global, professional and digital

As an international organiser of trade fairs and exhibitions, DLG has built up a global network of subsidiaries, business partners, experienced experts from agriculture and food production and organisations representing politics, trade and industry. We use innovative digital services to bring together suppliers and investment decision-makers from all over the world.